Seeing multiple projects on single timeline? Or, filtering out unwanted projects from a Timeline?

I’m looking for a way to show the tasks from multiple projects (3-6) on the same Timeline view, but only temporarily.

I know I can do this if I multi-home all their tasks into a project together. In fact, I’ve already done that— these projects tasks are created from a template that multi-homes all those tasks into a project called “Full Production Calendar”. However, that Timeline has upwards of 50 projects worth of tasks in it, and being able to isolate the 3-6 Projects is visually impossible.

So, I’m looking for one of these two options, or perhaps an option that hasn’t occurred to me.

  1. How can I quickly pick 3-6 Projects to toss onto a Timeline view so that I can drag/drop tasks? I need the dependency automation to happen.
  2. Assuming those 3-6 Project tasks are also multi-homed into “Full Production Calendar” Projects with 50 other Projects, how can I quickly filter out all the Projects I don’t want to look at, in Timeline view?

Hi @Matt5, thanks for reaching out and sharing your feedback with us! As you mentioned, at the moment you can achieve this by multi-homing tasks into one project. I understand this solution can be cumberstone one you have many projects and tasks in one place and we hope to improve this experience in the future. If you need to have a high level overview of several projects in one place we recommend creating a Portfolio and Workload.

We have an existing thread on this topic and you can upvote here: Timeline - view multiple projects together

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