Seeing a few campaigns on one calendar

Is there a way to see a few initiatives (projects) on a singular calendar view? What I’m looking for is a view to see work underway for two project teams. One team is has editorial postings calendar. One team has Social media posting calendar. Now, I see that i can home tasks in two places, but I thought the portfolio function might be an easier option. Yes? What would be the steps to see in a portfolio view? I don’t believe I want a time line. I’m thinking a calender.

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I‘d probably just set up a rule in each of the two projects to automatically multi-home the tasks in your reporting project.

Then you have all tasks in your project and can see everything in any view you prefer.

Portfolio yes could work also but for calendar view I recommend upvoting thread: Calendar view for Portfolios!

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In essence I’m a Team Lead trying to see how two projects overlap, so I can see if the two teams have good alignment. I think Portfolio view would help with this, but maybe not. That multihoming may be the only option.

Portfolio definitely has some great options as well.

But in terms of overlapping etc I‘d recommend to try out multi-homing.

Let us know how you go :slight_smile:


The simplest thing, I believe, is to use the Calendar View of a team, which shows a calendar view of all the projects in the team, assuming you can create a team with those two projects.

It’s described here: Team Page & Calendar | Product guide • Asana

The attraction of this solution is there’s nothing to keep in sync like the multi-homing alternative.

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PS @Andrea_Mayer, if you agree, feel free to change the solution, or fine to leave as is.

Yeah true thanks @lpb that works well if these two projects are under one team.

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