See which task have updates in Project view


We have various projects with one being a bug/incident reporting one. Currently I need to check on updates by looking at my email, seeing a notification, go to the Asana app to check and possibly respond, go back to email to look for another notification on a different task, back to the Asana app, etc

This is very ineffcient and time-consuming.

Is there a way to see inside the app which tasks have had updates since a specific date/time or since my last visit to the app? This would allow me to look at the Project View, select a task with an update, possibly respond, quickly click on the next one with an update, etc.

It would save a lot of time versus the continuous back-and-fort between email and Asana.

Is this possible?


Hi @Peter7

Couldn’t you use the Asana Inbox? If these are the kinds of updates that are triggering emails, then they should also be triggering notifications in Asana itself. In your Inbox, you can see all of your updates in one list, and it means you don’t have to keep going outside of Asana to see the next one.


Thanks, I found the search option special field as well which does improve
things. It does create a task list only though and loses the structure I
created inside the project so it’s still not really what I’d hoped.

Definitely an iumprovement though.


Cool. I’m glad you found that, Peter. Are you able to sort the search by Project? This usually restores the task order as it appears in the original project. You can access those options in the settings icon: