See the date a project was Archived

We have dashboards in power bi using information that we are getting from Asana. One of our needs is that we require the date when a project was archived and we are not seeing that information. Do you know if it is available?
Thanks in advance

Hi @David_Henriques, thanks for reaching out! Just to confirm, are you trying to archive or remove the date on Power BI or Asana? :slight_smile:

Hi @Emily_Roman , I need to get the date when a project was archived in Asana. Then I will use that information on my dashboards in power bi

I see what you mean, @David_Henriques! I’m afraid is currently not possible to see the date a specific project was archived. As a workaround, you could create a task and add the date the project was archive in the due date field. Then you can create reports by tasks per project with the name “Archived” and you will be able to see the date.

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