See project and due date columns when clicking on a specific task to see details in the right side panel in My Tasks regardless of the screen size

There was recently an update that has impeded our productivity. Under “My Tasks,” when clicking on a specific task to see details in the right side panel, you used to be able to see in the main panel other tasks, their due dates and the project the task was associated with. Since the update, we can no longer see the project that each task is associated with. Therefore, in order to see the information we need, we need to minimize the right panel. On our list of tasks, there could be the same named tasks under different project. For example, if the projects customer name (let’s use John Doe & Jane Smith) and the task was “Call client,” we can see Call Client in the main panel, but unless we minimize the right panel, we can’t see which customer that task is associated with. Super frustrating and we would love to go back to the way it was a couple of weeks ago. We have sent feedback and inquiries to the support team, but have received no response. Anyone else having this same issue? Or a solution to help us out? Thank you!

Yes, I’m getting a headache looking at new view.

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Another annoyance is that if you’re working in the right panel and click anywhere, you lose it. Please go back to the earlier behavoir. All this mucking around with the interface is really a disservice to your customers.

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You should describe the issue in the thread title otherwise you would have trouble attracting other interested people.

My Tasks was recently updated with the spreadsheet view and in the near future will become a regular project. In my opinion, there is no way Asana will rollback or make exceptions for my tasks. So either your bug is really related to my tasks, or this is a global issue with all projects and you might want to take it into account in your description!

Take care :blush:

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@Steph_Watts I understand that not everyone is a fan of this change. Many appreciated the unique look and feel of My Tasks. Personally, I’m a fan of the grid view. As @Bastien_Siebman indicated, I don’t think this area is fully built out yet and in due time I’m confident you’ll be able to do much more with this space that you couldn’t before in My Tasks.

I did want to point out a couple things that might not be real apparent that can help with some of the things you are struggling with.

  • Did you know that you can adjust the width of the task name column? If you do this, it will expose more of the columns to the right of your task names when the task detail window is expanded on the right. The great thing is this change is automatically saved so you don’t have to worry about saving the view or it defaulting back to a different width.
  • Also, now that the customize option is available in My Tasks, you can reorder the fields that are shown. My preference for you would be to make Projects the first column so it is always shown when opening up a task.

I really hope these 3 pointers help out. While My Tasks looks different and sometimes change is tough, I hope you find that at this stage (now that tags have been reintroduced) no functionality of My Tasks has been lost. If anything, there is just more customization available to you so you can ensure it is setup the way you are use to seeing the data. Thanks!


Hi Jerod,
Thank you for your response. I was hoping that your solutions would be the answer to my problems, however that’s not the case.

I have minimized the task name, due date & project name columns as far as possible, and I still cannot see all 3 columns when expanding the right panel. I can only see 2 columns plus the task detail panel. All the minimizing of columns accomplishes is making the task detail panel wider. Making that wider isn’t the point.

Yes, I can reorder the fields, however I can still see only 2 columns when the task detail window is open. AND if I have adjust the columns to show the task, then the project, then the due date, when I click on a task to see the detail, the left side reverts back to showing me just the task name & due date…not the project name which is supposed to be the next column.

Basically, I need to see the task name, the due date, the project name AND the task detail panel.
If you have any other pointers, I would truly appreciate it. Not being able to see all of the information I need at once is a true hassle.

Thank you!

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@Steph_Watts, Might browser zoom (often Cmd/Ctrl + or =) be an option to compress enough to show all the info while keeping fonts large enough?


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@lpb that is exactly what I was thinking. I’m working on laptops and monitors that have a high enough resolution that I don’t have this same experience. The task detail width remains the same size for me and I’m able to see 3+ columns when the task name column is set to an appropriate width. :thinking:

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Thanks Jerod & Larry,
I just tried that and that does work, but I need to go to 80% to see all of the columns. And the font gets pretty small. I’m too old to see things that small. :grimacing:

I’m on a 13" screen. That doesn’t seem too unreasonable for the average user, I don’t think?

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That isn’t unreasonable at all @Steph_Watts. I’d consider it standard, but what resolution is your screen?

I am on a 13" with a 1920 x 1080 (HD) resolution. This allows me config my My Tasks as follows:

  • Keep my Chrome browser at a 100% zoom
  • Set the width of the name column so you can see 100+ characters in the name
  • Set the due date column width to narrow (not need for it to be bigger)
  • Set the projects column width to wide (it could even be longer

It’s a 13.3 inch screen with 1440 x 900 resolution

Yeah, :disappointed: then zoom might be the best bet because there isn’t an option to resize the task detail pane.

Thanks Jerod,
I appreciate your help today. Do you think the next rollout will fix the problem? When will that be?

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I’ll have to defer to @Emily_Roman on that. I’m not certain.

You could also close the sidenav, and only navigate using the search :slight_smile:

Hi Bastien,
Thank you for your comment, but this doesn’t solve my problem. It is exactly what I am doing right now but it creates 2-3 extra clicks for me to actually see what needs to be done & be efficient.

I’m having the same issue on my 17" / 1600x900 laptop. I’d really like so see the projects again, without the workarounds like zooming out or collapsing the nav bar… Bonus points for tags :slight_smile:

Hi everyone! Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us. I’ve gone ahead and created a task for our product team to confirm whether this is working as expected and more details about this update. I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have more information.

Hi all, our product team has confirmed this is currently working as expected but hopefully we will work on improving this functionality in the future. In the meantime, as a workaround, you can try collapsing your sidebar or reduce the size of the “Task name” column to give more space to other fields in your My Tasks list. Thanks again for sharing your feedback with us, I’ll make sure to post any updates if we have plans to update this feature in the future.