See more Subtask Info when in Task Detail View

Hi, I make great use of Subtasks given their flexibility in Asana. I think one of the best views is the Task Details, in which you can build out almost a “subtable” of subtasks, complete with sections. I use this method for Tasks that aren’t actually “tasks” in my use of Asana, but rather Clients, Content assets, equipment (laptops, etc), and so on.

What’s really missing from this though is some visibility into the subtasks shown - custom fields, project in particular. It would be great if you didn’t have to drill into the subtask to get this, especially as there can be quite a few if you have sections built out. There is plenty of “screen real estate” to show this data.

With you guys releasing a lot of improvements to lists views, really hoping this is something on your radar. Your List View and Sections is probably at the top of my list for converting over to Asana this month from another tool I was using, so would love to see it get some even greater functionality!


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