See Messages received in the quick search options


I believe the tab or button was removed, how can you find your message received now?

The only solution we found was to go through Search…


ping @Richard_Sather


Hi @Bastien_Siebman , yes you are correct, there used to be two default Saved searches in the old sidebar for Messages sent and received:


It would be ideal for these to be simply reinstated below the Saved searches in the basic search dropdown here:

In the new sidebar design, I currently see no other way to quickly bring up these results.
I had noted this omission as point 5 under ‘:person_shrugging: Things we seem to have lost in the new sidebar redesignhere.

I should note that ‘Messages I’ve sent’ is accessible from the Inbox:
Would be nice to simply add ‘Messages I’ve received’ here too.

But I think the Home screen could do with a ‘Messages’ widget that could sort all this out!
Shall I create a separate feedback request for that and keep this one for simply reinstating the search results in the search dropdown as per above?


An update to my post above…

The ‘Messages I’ve sent’ has since been moved out of the ... overflow menu in Inbox and appears as it’s own tab now, just on the right of Archive.

Additionally, as I noted above, the ‘Messages I’ve sent’ and ‘Messages I’ve received’ use to be part of the sidebar but I also remembered that they use to appear in the Saved searches of the Basic Search as seen here. It would be nice to have these back, along with the ‘Deleted tasks & messages’.

I’m not sure about the iOS app but in the Android app, the Inbox has a ‘Messages’ tab, just like ‘Archived’ ‘Bookmarks’ which actually collects both sent and received messages, as also confirmed here.

It would be great to simply have a ‘Messages’ tab in the Inbox on the web/desktop version as it would solve all the above. Or a widget in the Home screen. Either will do!


So Messages you’ve sent are in the Inbox as a tab. I tried using a search to find messages received with me as the assignee and then accessing the Message tab, but it doesn’t show anything. How do you currently find received messages, except through the inbox notification?

Hi @Bastien_Siebman, I was testing and you are right, it’s currently not possible to see Messages I’ve received via a quick search. It’s currently only possible to see messages you have sent to others. I will let you know if this is something we decide to launch in the future. Thanks for flagging this!

Does that mean there is absolutely no way to find messages received anymore unless searching for a specific word or find them in the Inbox?

@Marie if you also have a solution, I am all ears :slight_smile: otherwise I’ll be forced to tell my clients that this feature is not really usable…

I’m still baffled that we have this feature in the mobile app but not on desktop! :roll_eyes:

@Emily_Roman has escalated this to the team, she will keep you posted asap!

If I can add to this request - it would be awesome if these messages sent/received can appear on a persons profile page too.

For instance - if I can’t remember the name of the message but I remember the person involved, I could go to their profile and see a widget with this info. Would be super helpful.


Hi everyone and thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us!

I investigated this further and I confirm “Messages I’ve received” is currently not available via quick search. However, if you want to have this list available in your sidebar, you can create a report using the advanced search. You just need to add yourself as a collaborator in the search parameters, click search and switch to the messages tab.

Then you can favorite this search, so it appears in your sidebar.

Alternatively, you can also quickly access this search from this link.

I hope this helps! I will keep this thread opened and will let you know if we add this as a quick search in the future. Thanks again!


Having to do this through custom filter is horrible and frankly quite unprofessional, reminds me of “hack” solutions on small time projects, where we simply don’t have the budget to do certain things.

I would assume a company like Asana could spare some time to add something that’s frankly a completely basic feature… received messages, something I’m used to from forums since forever, apparently a strange idea for Asana. Not everybody needs to have Slack connected to a project as well, especially when other people aren’t from tech background.