See and edit tasks next to file previews

I find myself opening separate windows for file previews (pdfs, for example) and rearranging them on desktop, so I can see the file while reading and leaving comments in the task that has the file attached. Sometimes it’s just easier to download the file.

It would be more productive to not lose context of the task while previewing files. Maybe a side-by-side view (our office likes how Outlook PWA does this).

Hello @Adam-Involute not sure what Asana plan you are on right now but the Proofing feature (available for business and enterprise) sounds like what you are looking for?

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I’m on Premium, so I don’t have that feature. From the link you posted, “proofing” seems pointed at adding new subtasks based on specific area of a pdf or image. Handy, but not quite what I’m thinking.

I’m suggesting maybe a UI option for just basic file viewing: to be able to see both the file preview and the task at the same time. The case scenario is when I want to leave comments on a task but need to see an attachment at the same time.

Okay I see makes sense and I agree this could be very handy. In such cases whenever I want to do something like that is that I always have 2 Asana windows open at the same time

Exactly! It’s not a big deal to open more windows, but I see some other apps handle this more gracefully. =)