See all Task Titles in Calendar View



In my updated calendar view I can’t read anything. I have long titles for the tasks and I want to be able to see the whole title. Is this possible? This updated calendar view is killing me.07%20AM|690x223



Thanks for your feedback @Preston

We’ve integrated your feedback & have chosen to bring back the previous version of our Calendar.

This will give us time to build out the the new & improved edition of this feature, where where you’ll be able to see all Subtask titles in calendar view & fix this bug, in addition to a range of other improvements.

Once we’ve built this into the new Calendar, we’ll re-release it so that you can enjoy the fast loading and performance of the new Calendar, complete with the expandable views you loved in the old Calendar.

Thank you again for reaching out to us on this. We hope to have an update on this quite soon!