See a list of tags?

Hi @Dan13,

I expect @Marie will likely reply, and while I totally get your frustration - there have been plenty of times I’ve desperately wanted something implemented in a piece of software and it hasn’t happened - I did want to comment in terms of setting proper expectations…

There are 38 votes for this feature. There are roughly 4.4 million Asana users in their user base. So in terms of the overall context of how they are weighing what to work on, 38 is not much of their overall users, even if you assume some number of people who also want this feature but are not voting for it here. Even in terms of the items being voted on here in the forum, this item is quite far down the list compared to other requests. (FYI you can see that ranking here.)

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Thanks @Phil_Seeman!

@Dan13, I’m sorry to hear you’re considering to leave us. While we’d love to action all the features requested by our community, with millions of users across the world and over 4k request in the #productfeedback category of our Forum, we can’t possibly action all requests and have to make some important choices. I don’t have an update on this topic at the moment, but I can ensure you that this something our team will consider for a future Tag update. I’ll keep you posted here and in the #announcements category as soon as I have an update.

I second ALL of this! @OT160 has excellent points and Asana really needs to prioritize how to address these tag and custom field inadequacies!

Now THIS is what I’m talking about! Works brilliantly! Thank you @Bastien_Siebman


Hi! Something that would be helpful is the ability to download this list into a CSV. Otherwise, it’s super! Thanks!

I have added it to my backlog!

How do you delete tags? I find that sometimes tags don’t populate and then you forget that it exists and recreate it.