See a list of tags?

Tool is ready to be released :slight_smile: just waiting on the domain name, should be ok tomorrow #teasing


It’s time to go wild and give me feedback: minimalist work - Work less with better tools and methods

Is it useful? Is it user-friendly? What feature do you expect next?




Wow, very nice!

I connected Asana and when I first selected any of my listed orgs/workspaces in Tagsana, I got the message that there were no tags there. But when I tried again a minute later, voila, there they are!

I like that you give the tally of the number of tasks using each tag, and have a button leading to that tag’s list view in Asana.

One suggestion would be to be able to click a column heading to sort by that column.

Another is to add a button to let the user return from a tag list back to the org/workspace list screen.

Very cool!


Great job, @Bastien_Siebman! It worked perfectly for me (I didn’t run into the “no tags” initial message @Phil_Seeman did). But I agree with his improvement suggestions or, for the last one, if a pain to return to the org/wksp list, at least a Home link in the header to return there and then allow Start to be clicked once more. Well done!!

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This is soooooo pretty! Thank you for taking the time to put it together! Was looking for a solution to a client request and bam, there you were. Thank you!

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@Bastien_Siebman Holy Cow…I have been in Asana for just a few months and you keep coming to my rescue before I even know what I need! This is beautiful!


At your service, my lady :sweat_smile: :slight_smile:

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I am replying on Monday, December 30, 2019. When Asana was younger, it gave better support for tags by providing a tag list accessible via the left sidebar. Then, at some point years ago, someone at Asana decided that tags were better replaced by projects. For instance, rather than having a tag for Priority, you should have a project of high priority tasks. This was about the same time that adding custom fields became an added value feature available only to paying subscribers. My advice is to abandon tagging and create projects that serve the same purpose, or else pay up and use Custom Fields.

For myself, I am a solo act and would gladly pay a reasonable fee, but I doubt that I will ever be able to marshal a team of five or more colleagues because, like me, the people I work with are established and already have their preferred collaboration and PM systems in place.

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I don’t want to get off-topic from this thread but FYI there may be hope for you:

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I would really like to use colored text to make a list of tags used by color within a notes section that I’ve created in Asana. I look forward to having colored text in descriptions

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Hello - Definitely want to try this. Solo act here, needing to share a seat or two for a few week sor so at a time, then move on to the next.

Hi @Juliana_Bolden and welcome to the forum!

I don’t work for Asana so I don’t have any influence on their pricing decisions.

FYI they’ve stated that at present it’s not possible for someone to opt in to participate in their less-than-5-user test, so you’ll have to wait to see if they end up offering it as a general subscription option.

Is there any way to reorganize tags other than chronologically based on the date they were created?


Hi, this seems obvious so sorry if I am duplicating a request, but I can’t find anything in the forum about this…

I would like to be able to see all tags available when first clicking in the “Tags” field. I think this is an expected behavior I have been used too from other tools, including some key integrations with Asana like Jira, etc. Without this, if you are not aware of which tags are available, it’s easy to duplicate tags, especially as there are no admin controls I’m aware of on who can create tags.

Thanks and hoping for implementation of this!

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Hi @OT160, this is currently not possible in Asana, but I’d recommend using Tagsana, which was developed by @Bastien_Siebman. We already have a thread on this topic, so in order to gather all feedback in one place, I’ve merged your post with See a list of tags?!

Let me know id there is anything else I can help with!

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Hi @Marie,

Thank you for the response. This looks like a big issue among the Asana community, but I’d like to add my 2 cents as well.

Just came into Asana from years of experimentation and using other related Work Management apps, and some things surprise me about the way tags and custom fields work. If you could suggest any ways I could work within the confines of the Asana implementation, I’d appreciate it, as right now it’s pretty confusing:

  • Tags: My main use of tags is to categorize tasks in Asana I will be using as “issue types” or “entities,” and not tasks. So “bugs,” “meetings,” “Company,” etc. That is how I have used tags in other work mgmt apps that also call the basic “record” a task. I’m talking about apps like Clickup, Wrike, Hive, etc. Since you guys are very flexible, per many suggestions I see around Asana, I intend to use tasks as much more than just tasks, and the best way to categorize these “task types” I think is with Tags, not Custom Fields.

***Incidentally I think it would be great if you could require the completion of either tag or Custom Fields when creating a task as a way to insure standardization - I’ve seen this request too and I second it!

As far as Custom Fields, they have a good use and give Asana some good “nocode” functionality, so very glad to see them in use.

What is perplexing me between these two types is this:

  • You can really get a terrific native report from Tags by just clicking them. The screen that comes up, which you can change views in from list to calendar, and all the other info is terrific. It is really a shame you can’t do that with Custom Fields. Do you plan to introduce that ability for Custom Fields too?

  • The lack of visibility into tags is something I don’t understand. In a Custom Field, I can click into the field with my cursor/mouse and I see all the available fields. Why should I not be able to do this with tags? I’m afraid it will almost make them useless as nobody on my team can know what tags are there without first typing a letter and hoping something comes up, unless the go to the trouble of memorizing all tags in the system! That seems a ridiculous ask.

So you have tags with great reporting capability, but some very odd UX behavior since you can’t see a list of them all, nor can you see which ones are available when working in a task - and to this latter point, I have never seen any other work management app that approaches tags in a way to block their visibility like this. But, Custom Fields, which do have the ability to be seen across Asana, don’t have the great intuitive reporting you get by just clicking on a tag.

I would really like to find out your guys’ thoughts on this and reasoning behind this set-up - perhaps I’ve missed something. But for now this is probably on the top of my list for the most illogical feature implementation in Asana - granted, it’s also one of the few on my list, as Asana is very well thought-out for the most part!

Thanks again!


I have tried this, and it doesn’t seem to be possible.

I need to change the color of many of our tags

WTF. Why the hell do you blatantly refusal to implement a feature demanded by a HUGE number of users? This abuse of our needs makes us want to run away from you to use other products ASAP. Your management is really faulty.