See a list of tags?

You‘re right. As I mentioned before, only the last used 10 tags or 10 tags of the typed character show up.

What I did was create a project called tags. I added an item for each tag by name and tagged it. I’ve got them in alpha order so I can quickly see what tags I have as well as easily pull up all tasks assigned to that tag.

If you have a lot of tags it might take a while, I don’t, but it was worth it to set it up. It’s also a quick way to see what color tag I’m looking for when I’m working in a board :slight_smile:


Another tip I can give is use the API Explorer.
I use it every one or two months to extract all tags to a CSV file and see what tags my coworkers have added and if there are redundant tags.

thanks Michael, i tried this but it did not work for me. With 50 users , i’m finding it difficult to keep cohesion in our use of tags… They seem to proliferate like mushrooms, making it harder to keep things aligned.

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We have about 10 tags and I can see them all there. Perhaps it limits it if you have a large number??


Yes it does! I have explained that in my posts above.


January 1

We have about 10 tags and I can see them all there. Perhaps it limits it if you have a large number??


I started searching because I couldn’t find the list anymore only to find out that “simplification” on Asana’s end translates into “complication” on my end (and sure other users as well).

Over 12,000 views on this thread… Really this is not a complicated feature. Please can we have a place to see and manage all tags?


This feature is a must.

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To see all your tags, Select a task and hold tab and press ‘T’. Then type in anything else you like, as if you’re going to create a new tag but before you hit enter to confirm, just delete what you’ve written and notice how the suggestive dropdown list now displays ALL of your previously defined tags. Scroll up and down to see them.

@RichB for me this only shows the most recent tags used by the team, not all of them. I get more hits if I type a letter combination. Not ideal for me at least. :slight_smile: A master list with edit options included for text and color would be great. The manual process I use now to fix tags is real time suck.

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so since we can’t see a list of tags does it stand to reason that we can’t delete a tag? I tried the space/backspace trick and saw 4 “content” tags. anyway to clean that up?

Wow this thread is really big! I think a tag manager would be a great addition to Asana!

I’m using Bridge24 for Asana, and the left panel displays all your tags in ascending order. You can click any tag to see the corresponding tasks. I think you should take a look as this is an amazing feature!


Adding a vote for a Tag manager, please. :slight_smile:


@David_Ruder Nice, on mobile you can simply hold down the tag, a scrolable list of all tasks will appear.

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Great solution. Thanks.

I’m voting for a TAG manager. At Organisation level and Team level.
We need a way to list, add and delete tags.
Thanks a lot!


I have developed a tool to see all tags within a workspace or team. Anyone wants to have a look at the alpha-version?


Sounds great. I’m interested. Thanks Bastien.

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Super! Me too!

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