See a list of tags?

Hi James

I can access all tags available to my team but I can’t seem to access tags available to the whole organisation. In the workspace I set up, I can only access those tags.


It does not contain all of the tags. Just some. Unfortunately, I think Asana is greatly missing the ability to see tags which we still use for context a lot.

Tags are so essential for organizaing tasks and minimizing the need for workarounds such as copying tasks across boards - not to mention absolutely standard in any organization/project/tasks tool - that it feels counterintuitive to make their use so complicated. Especially as a step backwards, as there used to be a straightforward list in earlier versions which you could edit as necessary.
I don’t have statistics, but I feel pretty sure most of your users don’t have the knowledge or desire to go messing with APIs and codes, unless that’s their field.
I campaignedhad to have Asana be adopted as the standard project platform at work, and in just a couple of weeks, much as many of most people liked it, the whole tags issue is very likely be the deal breaker.


@Alexis, double clicking on a tag does nothing for me… Does this only work on the premium version?

Hmm it should work for all users. Have you followed all the steps listed here?

Maybe full tag functionality is being held back because it would allow free version to not need custom fields, thus eliminating upsell capacity?

I am trying to use Tags for tech support issues w/o the use of custom fields - for status, priority, software affected, etc. I think using Sections/Tasks in Projects is cumbersome. To each their own!

Hi All,

I am using Bridge24 & asana integration. In bridge24 you have a chance to see all tags as a list on the left side. You may even use filter option and search the tag you are looking for.

I hope this helps.

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Agreed. I’ve started using Bridge24 too, and I’m pretty blown away by how much information you can get from it. It has a huge advantage over the Google sheets Dashboard report because it also includes custom fields.

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In any task, hit Tab+T and then in the tag field press space, then backspace then you’ll see a list of existing tags in a scrollable list.


@David_Ruder nice trick :stuck_out_tongue:

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Anyone know how to remove tags? I setup Bridge24, love what I see so far and can see all the tags, but would like to delete several of them. Any ideas?

@KristiDuran to remove tags in Asana, just hover over the tag and click the x button. Not sure about Bridge24 though.

I imagine the way to delete a tag is to search for everything with it, and then remove it from all the tasks (using multi select of all tasks).

I can’t say if it’ll remove the existence of the tag in Asana, but that would be my best recommendation.


You can click on the tag to get a search-page with all tasks that contain this tag. Within this page you can hover over the down-arrow right beside the heading of the page, which should be the name of the tag, there you find “Delete Tag”.


@Ed_Johnson & @Brian_Titus both offered suggestions that, when combined, could be a great solution until Asana provides a list of all tags in one place (by the way, I agree with others that the main team dashboard would be a great place for that).

Here’s what I decided to do:

  1. Have a naming structure for tags where they all begin with a #. So #Meetings, #Content, etc. This way when you open a new task and click on the ‘Tags’ icon to see the tag entry box, as @Ed_Johnson suggested, instead of hitting the space bar & backspace to get the list to show up, you can simply type in a # and ALL of the tags should appear right there.

  2. @Brian_Titus suggested favoriting tags, which is a great idea for getting them to all show up in a list somewhere without having to open a random task to see them. By making a habit of adding every tag to favorites, now you can see them all in one place. And since they are all labeled with # it is easy to see that they are tags vs. projects in the favorites list. I’m going one step further and giving ALL tags one universal color - so they now all start with # and share a consistent color, which makes it super clear at a glance in the favorites list (and anywhere else I am in Asana) that they are tags vs. projects.

Thanks everyone!


Neat idea! I may have to start using this trick as well.

I like the idea to begin tags with #, to distinguish them in lists better from project names. But when entering # appear only the last 10 used tags, as with “normal” tags also.

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Thanks Ed, this works, but only shows me a few tags… We seem to have such a proliferation of tags that it leads to confusion and makes searches complicated. In the past, I would be able to view all actively used tags and then do a clean up. We do have a reference list, but this is not enough as sometimes there could be a mis-spelling - which lets to the creation of a new Tag. Any ideas Asana on how one could view all used tags and then streamline or selectively purge the list.

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Here is how to see the list of all tags from the UI in a web browser:

  1. Type the first list of a tag name that you know exists.
  2. The list of matching tags is displayed.
  3. Click the backspace key.
  4. The complete list of tags is now displayed!

I too was frustrated by this and accidentally discovered this method. :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, only a couple of tags are displayed, not the entire list :frowning: