Sections problem


Just within last two days. I can create a section in a project. It will BOLD New Section, but as soon as you type in the title, it becomes a task and loses the Bolding. I have logged out and back in, tried on different projects… and cannot get a Section to appear correctly for me to organize tasks under. Old sections that were created previous the last two days are modifiable and keep their properties.


Hi @Michael_Workman! Are you removing the column “:” when typing your section title? Removing “:” will automatically convert your section into a regular task! Hope this helps, keep me posted! :slight_smile:


Yes, I did not know that the Colon made the difference. Luckly, I guess,
in previous ones i just happened to leave it. As a programmer, I never
like to have data content determine the properties of an object. I think
that may be something you want to change in future. Thanks