"Sections" import via CSV?




I’m about to do a CSV import but am a bit confused. For each project, I have tasks and subtasks that I need to organize under sections. can I do this through the import? Or must I organize the tasks under sections AFTER I import them?

As an example:
Project: Event Production & Logistics
Sections: Catering, Floorplans, AV
I have tasks under each of these sections, and subtasks under some of those. (i.e., under AV I have “finalize videographer” and under that I have subtasks like “round 1 of vendor quotes, review contract, submit contract” etc. etc.)

Any tips?


Hi Adeline, you can create sections using the import as long as you make sure to include the “:” at the end of its name, almost as if it was the name of the task.

In the CSV file, you’ll also want to order the tasks in such a way that they’re listed under the section you want to add them to.

Here’s a screenshot of a test CSV I just created:

And here’s what that looks like when it’s imported into Asana:


Amazing - thanks so much! Such an easy fix! :slight_smile: