Sections: how to set standard view to be folded

My projects have many tasks, that I have on a timeline, which easily take a year.

I organize my projects using Sections.

I do not use or want to use subtasks because they conflict with the use of timelines. The combination of task dependency and timelines is basically what I use Asana for.

To avoid scrolling down endlessly which ends up in people not actually using Asana I would like to set the standard view of the sections to be folded, that way when you click on a project you start with a very clean view of only the folded sections, which also use custom fields to include a summary on the progress within the section.

Having a completely unfolded project (100-200 tasks) everytime one opens Asana is a big headache during team meetings. It would give a much more clear view if upon opening a project we would only see the 7 section names (folded).

How do I do this?

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