Sections disapearing


When I create a section, it disappeared from my list. Why?


Hi @Ricardo_Alvarez

Could you please give a little bit more information? Do you mean that when you create a section in a list project, the section task itself instantly disappears?


it does appear in <<my tasks<< list. it did before


I have the same problem starting few hours ago. My sections were “Always tasks:” due date 4/1/2016, “Pending” with due date 1/1/2017 and “Current” task section, which due date I change every month to the first day of current month.
Now all my tasks are sorted by due date, but with no any organization, because no section headers appear.
Pretty messy.


Here is screenshot of My task sorted by due date with section headers.
I have this view on mobile, but today it disappeared from desktop view. Please help!


I’ve just tried creating sections in My Tasks and everything seems to be working fine. Aside from a bug, the only explanation I can think of is that you might have inadvertently filtered by Due Date. Try clicking on the settings cog and checking to see if the SORT option is on Due Date. If so, switch it to None and your sections should come back.



is there a way to sort by due date and view sections?


I’m afraid not, but that would be a great new feature.

If you have a premium account, you can set up an advanced search for everything that’s due within a certain period, then filter that down by project.