Sections are dead! Long live sections!

Sorry I could not wait and created a free account. I got lucky, it has access to the new model.

@Joe_Trollo the actual status returned is completed, not complete, can you maybe update the post? Thanks a lot :pray:

@Phil_Seeman, that’s a great question! You won’t have to worry about webhooks—these migrations are configured such that any changes they make do not appear in either webhooks or event streams. You also bring up a great point about testing those conversion endpoints! The internal team working on the migration would probably appreciate guinea pig workspaces and projects to run their migration against. I’ll bring that up with them on Monday and see about migrating select projects and workspaces for you and other developers. I’ll post again here when I have an update.

@Bastien_Siebman, you are already able to test your code by using existing boards projects! The new workspaces simply don’t have the option to create old-style “list” projects anymore, and are using the boards data model for all projects. Thanks for pointing out the mistake in the main post! I’ve updated it to have the correct value for that field.


That sounds good, EXCEPT would it be possible to get a project webhook event when a project finishes converting? That would be awesome as it would allow me to know exactly when a project needs to be checked for converted Section IDs. Otherwise the only alternative I can think of is I fear I’ll have to write a routine that runs constantly and keeps looping continuously over every project for each of my users (currently over 15,000 projects and growing), checking to see if it’s been converted but I haven’t processed it yet. That would seem to be an awful waste of both my and your computing resources to just be continually looping and re-reading projects, for presumably a number of months till all of your customers are converted (and even then, the odds of a delay before I get to converting a project are greater than if I could be notified by a webhook for a specific project).

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Actually creating a list project did work, but sections were displayed as regular task. I expected everything to fall appart but it did not.

Congrats on the Asana team, this whole migration must be a very tough project! Did Asana help you keep track of all the moving parts?

Joe, Thanks for pointing me to the post. Yes, I have verified the example on my one scripts.

@Phil_Seeman, unfortunately, there are several things that prevent us from implementing your suggestion:

  1. Migrations, by design, do not emit events to webhooks. This is necessary as we frequently run migrations to backfill new fields or alter our data model for technical reasons in ways that should be invisible to users.
  2. Our webhooks system doesn’t have the ability to handle arbitrary events for things like “migration finished.” The pipeline requires that events fit a certain structure.
  3. Similar to our pipeline, apps and integrations may break or behave unexpectedly if they receive arbitrary events for things like this migrations.

I’ve confirmed that we’ll be able to trigger the migration of select projects for developers to test with beginning later this week. This is a manual process however, and we’re only able to migrate individual projects (not entire workspaces). Note that this is purely a data migration—projects that are migrated will look like normal boards projects, i.e., migrating the project will not provide access to the upcoming boards-to-list feature.

If you are a developer interested in having a test project migrated, please send me a direct message here on the community forum with the IDs of any projects you’d like to be migrated.


@Joe_Trollo, what was the decision on this? Will the migration remove existing separator tasks or keep them?

The product team working on this hasn’t made a final decision yet. They currently have a plan and intend to experiment with it using the first few workspaces that get migrated, and will keep/revise/replace the strategy depending on user feedback.

Hmm, OK. If they keep them, they will just be turned into regular old tasks, right?

Not necessarily—the product team is still experimenting with this.

Oy - OK - this means I currently have no idea what to do with them in the conversion routine I’m writing. I doubt your product team is thinking about third parties but the uncertainty puts us in a bind. Anyway, I’ll just have to leave them untouched for now and deal with any fallout later.

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Hi all, I have an update to share about the timeline for the migration of existing customers. Internally we’ve been stress testing the migration on our own workspace and have encountered a lot of edge cases that have built up over the years (things like invalid or inconsistent data). Fixing these issues is taking significant time and so we’re now planning on migrating existing customers beginning mid- to late-July. Thank you all for your patience!


Hi Joe, did you make progress in cutting the edges? Will you start the migration within the next days?

Hi @OSTMOST, I have no new information from the team working on the migration, so it seems they’re still expecting to begin the migration sometime this month.

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Hello all! Today is the day! We have started to migrate select customers to the new data model! The migration is going to start small at first, migrating only a few workspaces at a time, but will ramp up as we gain confidence in the process.


awesome :):heart_eyes: waiting for that das since i fall in love with asana. what a great moment … hopefully we got jackpot :smile:

@Joe_Trollo can you tell us about the progress migration progress? how many Accounts are migrated until now? Do you now how long 100% will take?

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