Sections are dead! Long live sections!




Thanks for your response! This raises another question. Does this change only affect the board-view projects and list-view projects will follow at a later time?


@Benjamin_Ragan Actually board-view projects already use the formal object-based Sections so they are not changing at all. This upcoming migration applies only to list-view projects; it will convert their Sections into the Section-object-based model that boards use now.

Not to confuse things further but I should mention that Sections in subtasks and in My Tasks are the two places that will NOT be impacted by this migration. Those will remain as task-based sections. This is described more fully in this post and its accompanying thread.


@Phil_Seeman: Thank you for the clarification. We are using sections at the Project level, so we will be impacted by this change. I didn’t see anything in the documentation. Is there a way to test list-view section sorting (e.g. after_section) before a project is converted to the new Sections objects?

Our application which would create sections is automated and we need to be able to properly test before our projects are converted to the new Sections.


I don’t think there will be a way to test, but perhaps more info on that will be available as the Asana team moves forward with the migration. Be sure to read @Joe_Trollo’s initial post at the top of this thread for more on that; and I’ve @mentioned Joe so he might have some advice for you as well.


@Benjamin_Ragan: to test how the API will eventually behave after the migration, use a board-view project. Lists are moving to the boards data model so effectively what is happening is that we’re (1) converting all lists to boards and (2) providing a way to visually render boards as lists. From the perspective of the API, boards are “post-migration” projects already.


I like that way of thinking about it!


While I understand the technical considerations that require this change, the actual UI/UX implementation is severly lacking compared to the previous one.
One of the main reasons for us to move to Asana was the versatility - what feels like a simple list,
UX-wise, has actually sections, headers, subtasks… With the change, it feels like I’m back to working with an underlying database, which I don’t want to think about.

Here’s actual issues that you should fix:

  • not possible to toggle between section and back to task, which we are using a lot
  • not possible to first type, then decide that this should actually be a section - unnecessary additional work to copy+paste, then delete what I typed already
  • not possible to have a person assigned to a section, which we are using a lot as well - basically someone is responsible for the overall section of a project and we want to keep that
  • not possible to set due-dates for sections - same issue as above

Overall, I think you might not have a complete understanding of how people are actually using the sections feature in Asana so far.


Thanks, Joe, for your detailed response. Here is my suggested compromise.

Make a settable preference that lets me, when I am first typing a task, to convert it to a section by terminating it with a colon. It would be one-way (meaning: none of the back/forth conversion issues would exist) and it would essentially be a shortcut to Cmd+N for us users (me: I think maybe 6 years) that have colon-sections embedded in our motor memory. You could have this setting OFF by default so that new users won’t develop the habit but it would be a wonderful/acceptable compromise for us legacy users. The create-a-section-with-a-colon feature was, frankly, one of the most smooth and brilliant aspects of the Asana UI that converted me to use Asana years ago. Nothing else behaved quite like it.


Agreed! :slight_smile: