Section Update Improvements



With the section updates starting, I’d like to suggest/ask about the following:

Tab-N currently inserts “New Section:” where all but the colon is selected (gets replaced at start of typing). There’s no magic to the colon anymore, so either 1) highlight it as well, or 2) don’t include it and just show “New Section” all highlighted to improve consistency and reduce confusion.

I thought subtask sections weren’t affected based on:

but now if I type a subtask title “Section:” it doesn’t appear as a section; I have to use Tab-N while in a subtask to get the subtask section formatting. This seems to contradict Joe’s statement since a subtask with colon is not necessarily a subtask section, and some subtasks without colons are subtask sections; to discern, we’d need an API change which I thought wasn’t planned, so I don’t understand how this is going to work.

Often a first subtask is a subtask section; this is now inconvenient to create; you have to create one subtask, then do Tab-N which creates another, but below, so then you’d have to delete the first empty subtask. Maybe a make section/make task command is needed as suggested in Return back sections to be added by adding ":", or some other approach.

Creating a subtask section is not discoverable; you have to know the shortcut; it should be a menu choice or something. (Same problem with Mark For which requires you to know the accelerator and that it will even be honored.)

The Add Task mutton (menu button) dropdown should include the accelerators right-justified in the menu items, just like More Actions task detail menu has for its commands that have shortcuts. This would help people to work with the new Sections model more easily.




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