Section Templates or Duplication

There needs to be a way to duplicate sections or at the very least, create section templates.

I’m testing Asana out for my team and attempting to create a detailed project template for our podcast production workflow. This includes a project for each podcast, with sections for each episode that includes multiple tasks and subtasks.

The section tasks are exactly the same from episode to episode. Not being able to duplicate the process while building out a project – especially for a weekly podcast that has no set end date – slows things down considerably. Especially with as detailed as we’re trying to get.

I know this feature request has been mentioned in the forums quite a bit over the last five years or so, but I felt the need to mention it again because while I love the platform and think it’s a perfect fit for what my company does, the lack of duplication at lower levels is a show stopper because it creates inefficient workflows for our project managers.


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if you say every podcast has its own Asana project and the tasks in one section are always the same, creating a template project with the tasks in it that are always needed won‘t work?
Because the template can just contain the tasks that are always the same and then once you selected the template for your new project you just add all the other tasks.

Or even having various templates.

Also you are aware about task templates as well right?


Hi, @Andrea_Mayer. I appreciate the feedback. I’m in the process of building a complex project template right now.

The problem is, takes a lot of time when you have multiple tasks, sub-tasks, and dependencies that you have to recreate multiple times over for each section in the project. And probably the biggest issue – is you run the risk of missing something as you recreate the steps manually. This could be even more problematic if you have multiple creating or modifying projects.

Even when I do get a complete project template finished. Often, we have some clients who extend their projects by ‘x’ amount of episodes or through a certain end date. In those cases, we’d have to do the same thing. Manually add new sections, tasks, subtasks, and dependencies, and run the risk of missing something in the workflow.

Being able to duplicate a section would save a lot of time and headaches down the road and would make our workflow very scalable on the project level.



@Andrea_Mayer mentioned Task Templates. I concur. Did you try that solution?

Elsewhere in the Forum I provided the best workaround I could think of for duplicating multiple tasks (the contents of a section):



Thanks, @lpb. Your solution worked for what I was trying to do. Hopefully, the Asana team will come up with a method in the future that’s simpler and more intuitive. Thank you for your time.


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