Section short-cuts


I’m a big fan of sections in Asana. I often use Asana projects to run weekly meetings and being able to categorise different subject areas of the meeting into sections helps provide structure and clarity.

However, it would be great to have a short-cut at the top by the project name (maybe a drop-down list?) of all sections within the project. I sometimes find the cloud nature of Asana means it slightly stutters and stalls while scanning through the long web page.

This really isn’t major but I think I would use it a lot!..please don’t tell me this is already available I’ve just not realised it yet!



This is a very good idea. We use sections too in projects and having a drop down menu at the top near the project name would be suitable to direct you to the right section.


These are great suggestions, @MichaelHarvey and @RashadIssa. We’ve also heard suggestions of collapsable sections to help with navigating a long project list.

Do you think collapsable sections in projects would help with this, or would you still want a short-cut or section menu at the top as well?


Both are good ideas, I might lean towards collapsing sections within the Project.


I second the collapsing sections


I would say a collapsing section is a great idea, but why do we have to comprise @Kaitie why cant we have both :wink:


I support the requests for collapsible sections and a section navigation menu, but on a related note I want to point out that there is a section pop-up menu to the right of the project name when you’re inside a task pane. Choosing a section in this menu moves the task to that section.

We find this very helpful in our content calendar, where we have hundreds of tasks organized into sections by month, and a Templates section at the bottom. To start a new video, news release, monthly newsletter, etc., we just make a copy of the applicable template task. But then it’s at the bottom of a huge list and has to be dragged up to the appropriate month section. The section pop-up in the task pane makes quick work of this.