Section ID for a Zapier automation from Typeform



Hi everyone,

I am trying to connect Typeform to Asana via Zapier. The idea is to assign tasks without using the Asana interface (only with a form embedded into a website).

I have a dedicated project in Asana, which is organized into columns layout. Each column is named after the name of a coworker. In Typeform, a manager can choose someone to assign the task to, directly from a dropdown menu. The names are exactly the same in Typeform (dropdown menu) and in Asana (names of the section/column).
What I would like to do is that if “Jeff” is chosen in Typeform, Zapier would create a new task under the “Jeff” column in Asana. I believe it has something to do with the custom value, but I am not sure how that works, and to find a section ID from the columns layout.

You might ask why not assigning it directly? Because, the next step would be to create a dashboard of the assignment with something like Klipfolio or the three dots CMS created by @Bastien_Siebman to see who is doing what and who’s busy.

Any advice?

Thanks for your help.



A column is called a section in the API documentation and you can specify the section when creating a task

Does it help?