Section Headings on Dashboard?



I work as project coordinator for my company and use Asana to provide visibility across all active work groups/projects for the wider team. I find the Dashboard view very useful for capturing a high level view of active projects however with dozens to hundreds of teams/projects on-the-go, it becomes harder to quickly differentiate them using this view.

I can use colour-coding and sensible titles to help with this, but it would be great if I could add section headings the same way I can do within a project to group these and quickly scan for the group I’m looking for.

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Hi Zane_love

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I think you might find some inspiration in this post: A better Dashboard for high level overview

Looking forward to hear your thoughts.



Hi @Zane_Love - I’m the community manager at Asana. It’s nice to meet you! You’re not alone. :slight_smile: I organize my projects by creating sections in my sidebar. Here’s an example of how you can create sections in your sidebar so it’s easier to find things. I like to color coordinate these groupings, as well. You could use these conventions to help your team view their projects, as well.

Another thing you might find useful is creating reference or “summary” projects like this one (below).

You can read more about these types of projects in the community thread here:


Hi Peter…that thread absolutely articulates the kinds of “high-level view” questions I’m trying to answer, and I’ve found some good interim suggestions/solutions between yours and Alexis’ feedback. I am keen to see how Asana evolves in this space.

Thanks to both of you for the prompt responses.



Hi @Zane_Love - we’re happy to help! Thanks for joining the community and posting. Please let us know how things go.


@Alexis. How does one “create a section in a sidebar”? I see the color coding, but not how to create a section. Must one be a Premium user to do this?


or are the section dividers just “dummy Projects”?


Hi Kurt

To answer your question as the topic originator, yes, they’re just ‘dummies’…see screenshot…as you can see the ‘===Meetings===’ project i’ve set up in the sidebar is empty of any tasks


Thank you!