Section Drag and Drop Feature Not Working

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: I used to be able to drag and drop sections, but since you implemented the collapse feature, this doesn’t work. So, instead of being able to move a section, I have to individually move each task to the new section I want it to be under.

Steps to reproduce: Click and hold on a section title, then try to drag it to a new place between two entirely different tasks.

Browser version: Chrome.

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Nat and sorry for the trouble here.

Are you seeing the 6 little dots on the left of your Section title? These should allow you to drag and drop your Section including all tasks nested within this section (See screenshot below)


I want to be able to move just the section name, not the corresponding tasks underneath it.

This is the new behavior, new sections are grouping tasks and everything moves together…

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