Searching projects that have no assigned tasks


Is there a way to search out all projects that have no assigned tasks and thus will not continue moving forward?
Some of our projects involve tasks that cannot be assigned to someone until the task before it is complete (because the task dependency feature is basically useless to someone who does not constantly check their inbox). If the person who had the task before does not go into the project and assign the next task, momentum stops until the project manager goes in and assigns the next task.
Does anyone have a similar issue? How is your team dealing with that?


You can’t search for such projects per se AFAIK, but you can search for unassigned tasks. Try a search as follows:

  • Assigned to Nobody
  • Completion Incomplete
  • Modified Within the Last 7 Days (the first time you run it, you can omit this term)

Typically, I find the way to address Asana’s omitted features is to add more personal or organizational process with frequent checks & searches, use of tags, bulk moves, etc.

Good luck!