Searching for options removed from custom dropdowns

How can I search for options that I’ve removed from a custom dropdown?

Here’s the use case:

  • I removed an option called Phase 1 from a custom dropdown called Phases because Phase 1 is complete, and I no longer want task creators to select this option.
  • Phase 1 should remain on tasks that had it selected because those tasks are associated with Phase 1.
  • After removing the Phase 1 option, I want to search for all tasks that are associated with Phase 1, but when I add the Phases field to Advanced Search, Phase 1 is no longer one of the options.

The removed option is historical data that needs to remain on tasks and be searchable but shouldn’t be selected in new tasks. How do search for this historical data?

@anon54308088, I believe if you add the option back as one of the custom field values again, then you’ll be able to search for it.

As for preventing its selection, you’d need a workaround since there’s no way to have it present and not selectable. Simple approach: Rename it to “DON’T SELECT Phase 1”. More complete approach, trigger a rule based upon its selection and then either unset the value completely, add a comment, add the task to a project that keeps track of these, etc.



Thank you for this information! I expected search to function more like Jira: since the data stays on the task, you could still search for it. I’m hearing that this is not the case. Appreciate the help!

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The data does remain with the task, but the search seems to only allow searching on active (non-deleted) values.

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