Searching for a tag that begins with a # doesn’t autocomplete in iOS app

Hi. I’m using Asana after shifting from Omnifocus that’s just too much hard work to do what you need. I’ve set up a tag based system following a GTD method with high level contexts devoted by @ and then a sub context as a #. Eg @waitingfor @delivery #amazon. When doing the tags I can start typing wai and it will auto suggest @waitingfor which is fast and handy. However if I start typing amazon I’ll get nothing. If I type # I get all the tags starting with #. This isn’t consistent behavior. This doesn’t happen in the web app but does happen in the iOS app. Any reasons? Work around? Thanks

I think I set up similar to test out what you’re seeing and it seems to work okay. I set up the following tags:

  • @waitingfor
  • @delivery
  • #amazon

When I go to another task and try to add these tags to that task they come up as I type them.

So I’m wondering if I’m misinterpreting what you’re trying.

One thing I’ve learned about tags that tend to cause me trouble as I’m creating them is:
If you create all your tags and think you’re good, so then delete the task you created them on, they’re all gone.

When creating tasks I use a dummy task to create the new ones on and then just leave that task lying around. I used to put them in a private project, but that seems to keep my teammates from finding them.

Could this be your issue?