Search Within Project Description

Does anyone know how to generate searches (or reports for that matter) that reference the Project Description? As far as I can see the search feature only looks at tasks.

Also, is there any way to assign a text label to go with the colour label for each Project?

Hi @Kevin_Swannack. You are correct in that currently the search does not include the project description. There is a prior post where you can upvote for this to be included. Include Project description in Search results

In regards to assigning a text label in addition to the colour label for each project, are you referring to having text in addition to the project name? Feel free to include a screen snapshot of what you are referring to if it helps.

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I have attached a screen print on the matter of a text field (as well as colour) for Project labels. Where the Project is set a colour, could it also be set a text label - for example, an industry group?


Hi @Kevin_Swannack. Thanks for the screenshot. You can’t set a text label directly onto the Project similar to assigning a colour. A couple of options to consider though:

  1. Edit the project name to include the text label: example - (Ind Group) - ECA’s and Insurance. Then use colours to further enhance separation.

  2. If your account allows (organisation vs workspace) - create Team’s to help categorise the projects into.

  3. Use Tag’s on the task level to help categorise according to your preferred project text labels.

Asana2Go is aware of the Project Description field so it can generate reports including it, but this would have to be a custom report (duplicate and edit one of the standard ones).