Search Results Box Resizing Causing Wrong Clicks

In the web app, as you type in the search field, a box drops down with results. Wonderful.
But I have a UI gripe: the results box is split into sections (tasks, projects, messages, etc), and each of these loads separately and expands depending on the results.

The problem, for example: I go to click a project in the results, but milliseconds before the click, the tasks results section above expands down, causing me to miss-click on the wrong thing.

Anyone else run into this on a regular basis?

Yes, yes, yes, that is really annoying!!!

Agree! A colleague (also in UX) has been quite frustrated by this too. You get used to it after five years or so though!


Glad I’m not alone!
It’s just fractions of a second, but it’s surprisingly hard to wait for all the results before clicking the one you want. Ha!

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It does happen to me sometimes! I’ve gone ahead and shared your feedback with our team!

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