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I work with a large enterprise management financial system, and with this system we are able to use search operators in order to increase likelihood that we will produce results similar to our needs. For example, we have a search character of “=” that is used when we are searching for a record that is not blank, which is very handy when you are looking for a record that absolutely contains certain information regardless of what that information is. Or, we have a wildcard character of “*” that is used when we are not 100% sure of the preceding text/numbers of a search. Is there a list of search operators we can use for searching in Asana? I have seen the “No Project” search parameter for locating tasks that are not assigned to a project, or subtasks due to their weird nature in Asana. And I have also seen the “No One” search parameter for tasks that are not assigned out. Are there additional options like these for searching better?


Interesting question. @Kaitie have you seen other customers with a similar question and if yes, what kind of solution did they find? :smile:


If I understand this post, I agree that the search options are lacking. Asana doesn’t seem to use the standard conventions used by other search engines that allow a user to enter a search like (brackets used to simulate a search box: [ “No One” Install Queue ] or [No+One or Some+One ] . So the hitlist brings up hundreds of results when the result should be MUCH fewer, if that makes sense.


Hi @Blair_Ross! I’m the Community Manager at Asana. It’s nice to meet you. Asana’s most powerful search tool is advanced search. While you might not use brackets in the ordinary search bar in Asana, advanced search does give you a great deal of flexibility. In fact, it’s one of my favorite Asana tools! I especially like being able to search by custom field and also save search views so I can see what is going on in many projects at once. I recommend taking a look at the Guide article on search and search views here.


@Alexis, would search operator help me in the following situation?

Many languages have accented words, such as Português language. And it is not impossible to sometimes a user to forget to give the letter its accent. So. how could I search for example the world Português and find as a result also the world Portugues, (whithout the accent)?

Many search tool has this ability to understand what the user is looking for. But now Asana yet.
Is this feature planned for future updates?


I would like the ability to use OR in the advanced search.

For example I would like to see all tasks that have the “NextAction” tag OR is in my “Single Action Tasks” project.

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It would make searches significantly better if search operators could be used such as || (OR) && (AND)

For example…
Subject Line contains “waiting” OR Tag equals “Waiting”

Is there a work around for this?

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To take it a step further, it would be best if you could make logic groups too. For example…
((A or B) and (C or D)) or E

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As much as all the advanced search options people are suggesting would be really nice, even the initial suggestion of - even just a general - wildcard search would greatly improve the search.


This is a basic feature of Internationalization of software… Asana should assume matches based upon known substitutions of language.