Search Listing - Search is not working well - does not bring up all related matches

Create task with string “Power BI” example 2021.04.15_Using Power BI for creating analysis report
Create another task with string “PowerBI” example 2021.12.16_PowerBI Justification document

GO to search and type “Power BI”

shouldnt both come up?

The search functionality is currently not bringing up all the related tasks. We need the seach to be cleaned up, stripped, and indexed in some way. (I cannot add tags - I create 50 tasks a day - I need the task to be quickly created.)


Hi @Nicholas_Borg, thanks for reaching out and reporting this! In your screenshot, I see the results only show 3 tasks. If you select “Show more tasks”, can you see the other tasks with “Power BI” in the name? Looking forward to your reply!

I have also been finding this for the past few days - both via Chrome browser on Windows 10 computer and on Android app - it is returning NO results on searches for tasks which I KNOW are in there and can navigate to, to find, but is not reassuring. This is not always the case, but seems to be happening more often than not.

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Hi Thank you for your reply.

this is how it looks before I click on show more tasks

When I click on show more tasks, it duplicates the last
Cannot add more images because IM a new user…

The search needs to search with and search without spaces first.

We need to type in Power BI and get all hits that contain
"Power$BI Where $ is a wildcard - Can be anything space, - etc.

The task I am trying to get to is this

This task never comes up. (Could it be becuase it is completed?) BEcause it looks like the search only reveals completed tasks. Can we change this?

Hi @Nicholas_Borg, thanks for providing these details! I see what you mean, when you search by power BI, the results will show only the first closest tasks that include the exact sentence in your search. PowerBI is not included because it doesn’t have a space.

In order to find all tasks including completed tasks, please create an Advanced search report with more specific details of what you would like to search. For example: projects, completion status, etc.

If you still can’t get the right results after adding more details to your search, I recommend you to contact our support team and share the URL of the task so we can investigate further: How to contact our Support Team ✉

I hope this helps!

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