💡 Search does not have to involve a text

I talked with a client today and they told me “we usually don’t use the search because it does not search inside comments for example”. I asked about reports (saved search) and the answer was the same: they kind of discarded the search from the beginning.

But the search is not always about searching for text! The Advanced search is very powerful, and usually, good reports involve a lot but not text: presence in projects or not, value of a custom field, assignee, due dates… Don’t limit yourself to the text search!

Any good report to share? I have one for “lost tasks” -> incomplete tasks due within the last 999 without an assignee :slight_smile:

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I use a report to estimate upcoming tasks. I use a numeric custom field called “Estimate” (in order to sync with Everhour for time tracking) and then search for all tasks due in the next month with the custom field but without a value. this helps me to think about the effort needed for upcoming tasks and it helps the workload feature to be accurate.