Search dialect for advanced filters (similar to boolean search)


I’d like to search for tasks that are not sub-tasks.

Friction Point

Currently, I can do this by navigating to Advanced Search, and adding the Subtasks filter, and then selected Not Sub-tasks. However, this navigation process is somewhat cumbersome.

Proposed Solution

I’d prefer to have some kind of search dialect, such as !subtasks, that I can append to my search, to avoid the manual hunt-and-peck process of performing an advanced search.

Trevor Sullivan

I can’t find a way to edit my post, but the process would basically look like:

  1. TAB + / to go to Search box
  2. Type searchterm !subtasks

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us @Trevor_Sullivan! I don’t think we will implement this feature in the near future but If I have any news I’ll let you know.