Search by project, Section no longer showing

Hi there,

I have been using the search and ‘filter by project’ for several years to batch complete subtasks when they are in a certain phase (I use sections to indicate phase). Lately, I have noticed that sections are no longer showing in the filter. Even though I can find all of the subtasks, it is unclear which section they are in. In the past, this search with the sections has made updating tasks incredibly efficient. Unless I’m missing something or until this feature comes back, it looks like I need to resort back to opening each task and waiting for each one to load before updating it. Is it possible to add this feature back?

Please and thank you!

@Kaitie any idea if this is new?

Hi @Tygre_Morehart, can you confirm the points below?

  • When running your Advanced Search, are you entering anything in the “Projects” field at all?

  • Or are you not entering any project name in your search query and then sorting your list of results by “project” using the view filter?

Hi @Marie ,

Yes, I am adding the name of the project in the Project field of the advanced search and then filtering by Project (which is where the sections would show in the past.) I have tried all of the other filter options and they are not showing the sections. I have a lot of these subtasks so using the method of including the Project in the advanced search for the past couple years has been wonderful!

As I was typing that up I decided to run a couple of tests to ensure I was using the proper name and verify what I had been experiencing and oddly enough, the sections started to show! I thought it had been fixed and was preparing to write back “Nevermind! and thank you!” but I realized I was looking at a much older project. I went back to a newer one and to my dismay, the sections were not appearing. I went back to an older project to test my hypothesis of ‘maybe it’s just the new ones it’s not working for’ but then it had stopped showing up for those as well. The only thing I did differently was not include a project in the first initial search but even after I made the adjustment, it was still showing the sections. Now, as I try to recreate that, the sections are not showing, just the project name. So I am really unsure why it would work for one quick instance but not in any others.

Thank you again for your assistance! I really appreciate it!

This is an a screenshot I had taken in April of last year for a training document that illustrates the sections appearing in that search.

Hi there!

Has there been an update on this? I am really missing this old feature.

Thank you!

Sincere apologies for the late follow-up @Tygre_Morehart, I’ve missed your last message!

I just tried to reproduce the issue on my end, and all my subtasks are showing up under their respective sections when I sort my search results by project (See screenshot below). In order to help further, I would need to see full screenshots of your query and search results, so I think our support team would be in a better place to help you.

Would you mind reaching out to our support team with the following?

  • A screenshot of your query
  • A screenshot of your search results

You can reach out to support following this path: > “I’m having trouble with” > Scroll down to the bottom the page and click on “Let’s chat”.

Again, sincere apologies for the delayed reply, hope this gets resolved soon!