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Our organization has a large volume of separate projects and often need to reference projects from previous years to update materials. Currently, there’s no way to search for an archived project, and having to scroll through the whole sidebar to try to locate something is time consuming and a poor way to handle this. We need to be able to search through archived projects. Could you add a toggle or option to search only archived projects so we can locate them quickly?


There haven’t been any responses to this, but I really want to hear whether this feature is going to happen or not. Our projects are frequently cyclical (i.e. happen each year) and thus it’s really useful to be able to reference past projects. We need to be able to search for archived projects.


We have the same need


Hi Colin - we have the same issue. It would be fantastic to be able to search by project name not only tasks. We get a huge number of tasks turn up when you try and search by project name. Searching by project never works.

I agree using the left side bar to search archived (or live projects) is slow. It is also often complicated by the projects not being in true alphabetical order for some reason!

I hope someone is listening.


We have the same need.
We use a project for every customer order (complex). Finding old projects is hard.


I want to join the chorus here. Our Archived projects are quickly building and we need to quickly reference prior projects when clients call in, to pull information. Any completed project gets archived and they are very difficult to find.


This is becoming critically important for us and could lead us to drop asana in favour of basecamp.

Please can we have some sort of reply from the moderators.


Would also agree it’s is time consuming looking for older projects. We archive because we have wrapped but clients always want a piece of information in a old project and it’s impossible without search.


Is anyone going to reply to this???


We would like this too. We use ours for onboarding and each project is a person. We archive them once they finish the initial steps.

Pulling historical items is horrible when trying to audit this process due to not being able to search archived cases.


We would also greatly benefit from the ability to search archived projects.


I’m going to also throw my hat into this ring. I need, need, need this.


I too just archived some old projects and was unable to locate them. We would love an easy way to get to them. Help?


Here is more on what they do offer but it is missing the element of ease. I have recently tried out Meistertask and they do a fantastic job at listing archived projects vs. archived projects. Asan if you are listening I think you could consider the way they have developed this and replicate.


Sorry meant to say archived vs. active projects in this message


+1 on this as well.


Yes—I need this as well!


Same. Why is this not possible? Why archive a project if you can’t search for it? No point of being able to archive projects if it will be impossible to access (find) them later anyway.


What is happening with this?
This could be a show stopper for me


The workaround that we developed was creating an Archives team. We moved completed projects there but keep the unarchived.

Of course, this still clutters your search if you want to quickly use the search bar. But you also have the option of restricting your search to Archive or active teams if you want to do a deeper dive.

Not an ideal setup, but it’ll do until Asana allows searching archived projects.