scrum switch view update cycle weekly and bi-weekly

in board view , a switch to view the updated task only in the scrum cycle (one or two weeks)

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Have you thought about adding a single select custom field for example? Then you can filter the project to only see tasks with a specific option selected.

Otherwise you could also create a separate team with 3 projects (2 separate projects for the weeks you want to split up and then you set up rules that automatically multi-home all tasks in the third project.

Not sure if that helps?

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thank you @Andrea_Mayer for kind reply,

I have discovered the purpose of dashboard and reporting, the aim here is to create a special report. The differential report should include only the changes since last “meeting update” (like in the scrum cycle) documenting only the updated status (besides completed) and discard the unchanged.

Not sure if it is clearer now?