Screen Ratio in the App

Just wanted to ask if I could change the ratio of the screen.

Meaning: left side of the screen with the list takes 60 of the screen, and right side is taking around 40% but right side is where all of the communication happens.

Is there a possibility to hide the list on the left side or can we change the ratio on the fly?

Hi @NIkita_Chumakov :wave:t4: Welcome to the Community Forum!

To answer your question, it is not currently possible change the ratio of the screen in the mobile app, but that’s a great request.

I will pass it onto our Development Team to consider for future mobile updates. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts with us, we really appreciate it.

Kind regards,

Cathya :sparkles::blush:

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Thanks for sharing your great feedback in regards to the ipad Asana app @NIkita_Chumakov
We really appreciate knowing what our users think of Asana! :sparkles::blush: