Screen jump in the Portfolio view - browser issue???

I have a portfolio which contains lots of Projects. I use ‘projects’ because each project follows a certain template with predefined procedures (tasks).
When I review the Projects, I scroll down and up a lot. When I want to view the details of the Project, I use the Right Click “Open in Tab” option to open up Projects to view on separate tabs. But, this action takes me away from the Portfolio window (instead of opening the new tab but keeping me in the current window and location). When I go back to the Portfolio view, the screen shows everything from top again. It doesn’t remember that I clicked on a project at the bottom of the screen. I have 30 mins to review the Projects with the team but these screen jumps are eating up time. We use EDGE as default. Thanks

Have you tried using CTRL + clicking the link? It will open the project in another tab and should keep your position in the portfolio tab (at least, it does for me). I also use Edge.