Scheduling due dates around weekends and holidays

This is still not a solution EVEN FOR WEEKENDS. I’d love to add custom holidays as well, but can understand that is slightly more difficult to incorporate. I am wondering what the original poster ended up doing. The problem with the weekend toggle button in templates is that it then counts project dates as business days only, it no longer allows for building a plan based on calendar day count only. I need to have the tasks based on calendar days, but if the due date happens to land on a weekend then it should automatically schedule it for the closest business day prior to that date.

For example, if a certain task should be due on the 10 days before the project due date and that date falls on a weekend, there is no way to schedule that task on the previous business day. It will schedule the task on the weekend day and then I will have to manually move it if I want it to change. The suggested solution above allows for business day count only so if you say 10 days, it becomes much longer than just 10 calendar days and that varies based on the calendar. I have been searching for weeks now and can’t find a solution.

Can you simply tell Asana not to schedule on weekends? I am open to any solution at this point that is better than manually moving the tasks.

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