scheduling conflicts

I understand there is not a calendar sync from outlook to Asana (only Asana to Outlook). We have some projects in Asana that we schedule certain tasks, for example an interview. How do you handle scheduling tasks in Asana while having to check a different software for team member availability? (seems simple, but some of my Asana users prefer one stop shop) Our main concern is being able to view team member PTO that is already in Outlook, relative to scheduling specific tasks in Asana.

Hi @Chris_Barreda and thank you for reaching out!

You are completely right. As you said, at the moment our calendar syncs only one way (Asana to Outlook).

With that said, there are a few third-party solutions that might help you with what you are trying to achieve. In this case, I would recommend you to take a look at Project Buddy , developed by @Maggie_Reddi.

If you have any questions in particular about this tool, please feel free to contact @Maggie_Reddi. She should be able to help you with it.

I hope this helps! :grinning: