Scheduling + Back & forth sync in calendars

Dear Asana Developer Team(s),

i love your product, i really do. Its my most used app, by far.
There is something that i do not understand. Maybe i searched the wrong way, maybe it’s just missing feature.

It does not seem to be possible to schedule tasks in Asana or Google Calendar and sync them accross the platforms.

If i create a task in Asana, it only shows up as a daily appointment in the calendar, which (i can only speak to myself and the internet entries i’ve read) is almost completely useless. [I apologize for the harsh words, but really: Is a daily appointment of any use for a task?]
So, Nr. 1: It would be an awesome feature to schedule tasks in asana, so that they show up in the calendar for a certain time (e.g. Asana: “Prepare Slides” → GC: 10:00 - 11:30)

And then: Since i already have a specific calendar in my Google Calendar Account for Asana, it would be great, if i create an event in this calendar and it gets transferred to my tasks in Asana.
So, Nr. 2: It would be another awesome feature to have a back and forth sync between GC and Asana.

I did my research through the forums and i am pretty confident that the combination of Google Calendar and Asana as main apps is very common. So a lot of individual users would be very happy to see these features in the near future.

Hope to hear from you.

Best regards

You are right for both: 1. the time does not appear in the calendar and 2. the sync is not two ways. You can add your voice to the existing threads.