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You have my vote (& don’t forget to cast yours :wink:)

But meanwhile, a rather (very) far-fetched idea: based on a custom rule, you could create a time-delayed task that will add a comment based on the due date.

Find some example

Additionally, you could use the feature “multi-homing of tasks” to dedicate a specific project for that use-case (of scheduling comments), without affecting your “real” projects. More info about the multi-homing :Connecting Your Work Across Asana | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide)

If not helping, maybe I hope my idea contributes to yours :wink:

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While I think everybody is responsible for when they log into Asana or Email to check work-related stuff so it should not concern you when you want to post a comment or work I do understand some companies work this way.

Now I have merged your post into an existing feedback request thread.

Additionally, I want to mention that people can always decide to pause notifications via their profile settings:


When they have the notifications disabled they won’t get any Asana inbox notifications which I believe should solve what you are worried about?

Bumping your comment/revising this thread because this feature would be extremely helpful!

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By not having a schedule feature we are unconsciously promoting a culture that “never stops” and doesn’t take into consideration work life balance. It is less about notifications and more about the optics of when users are updating/completing tasks. As a leader, I do not send my messages past certain hours regardless of notification settings to make sure my team has balance in their day.


That’s exactly the problem indeed. But I think people are grown ups and can understand a leader, manager, founder, has different expectations. Up to them to communicate what are the expectations.

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100% agree with @Bastien_Siebman

There’s an important, particular nuance that may be lost (based on skimming, at least) in this thread:

Certain leaders (or other influential individuals) might need to work on off hours but are concerned about the example this may set for others and would rather delay the sending of those messages until regular work hours with a delay option.

This is a different need than most/all of the discussion so far, and a valid one, I feel. Although it is a bit of an ethical issue–the leader here wants to have their cake and eat it too! I’ll give the leader the benefit of the doubt that they are acting responsibly and using this feature (if it were to exist) in cases where they have no other recourse.




Bumping, I don’t need my colleagues to know when I’m working on a Sunday night and don’t want to disturb them. Please add scheduling.


I wholeheartedly agree with Alexandria and others who have described how this is fundamentally different than notification controls. Schedule send functionality is for the sender, whereas notification controls are for the receiver. Take for example the fact that a receiver still sees/knows when a message was sent (timestamped) regardless of when they actually see it.


Can’t believe that in 2023, Asana still hasn’t enabled this feature. Please get with the times, no pun intended.
Not everyone always wants everyone else to know when we’re working late lol. So embarrassing. :laughing:

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There is one thing to consider: maybe they don’t want to. Not everyone agrees this is a good idea, even if this is kinda common practice to have such a feature. They don’t HAVE to add it.

If some people don’t like/want this feature, then they simply don’t have to take advantage of it. Why can’t those of us who want this feature, and whose teams would benefit from it, have it?

Because it will inevitably make the product more complex, it will cost resources to develop the feature, maintain it, and it will make the onboarding of new users a little bit more time consuming.

I am voting for this “Schedule” feature because many time I done my work after office hours and wanted to update my tasks with comments on next morning but I can’t schedule.

If there is a YES or NO situation, they can give rights to super admin who can implement that rule.

I would definitely vote for this feature. As a leader in organization, I want to set example of things being responded to during work hours. And this would allow me to put things in as I think about them and then send to my team when they are working.

I agree, @Adria_Kitchens, and this is exactly the use case I cited earlier in this threa: