Scheduled/Delayed Comments

How? If you do work across different timezones, why do you care about when you publish a comment?

Well, sometimes when I am working on a task in my time zone, it is out of office hours for my colleagues in a different time zone. Instead of sending out my comments in my time, I would like to time it to go out at the start of their business.

Additionally, its not simply for time zones. It would be a great tool to program a message to send out later to accommodate PTO and holidays.


Bring this to life! Extremely helpful for cross-time zone collaboration and working from home arrangements.

Bumping this again! Makes sense more than ever with teams spread out across timezones on the rise since covid. My team consistency uses this in slack to be respectful of sending unnecessary notifications

Isn’t it exactly the reason why delayed comment don’t make sense? Everyone is spread across the world, so we are used to getting email during the night while others are working elsewhere :person_shrugging:

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I’d love this feature! Sometimes I work later or on weekends when we aren’t available for clients, but I don’t like all my work piling up on Monday morning. But If I answer clients some weekends they’ll expect it all the time and that’s not what we want as a team. I’d like to be able to get it done on Saturday but publish on Monday morning.

this feature is NEEDED.


Your responses have been based on your own experience.

Working in a way where distributed teams are the norm.

I work in a local office where I see everyone that I interact with in Asana.

Put yourself if those shoes.

Maybe I am in the wrong industry, but I am not wrong.

Thanks for the feedback Luke, my position is definitely based on my own experience.

Hi, I would really appreciate it if you add the Scheduling functionality for comments. so maybe I can work in the late afternoon, and that it be posted until the first hour of the next day. Similar to email scheduling, or scheduling on comments on Slack or Whatsapp.



There is an existing thread on the topic you can join!

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Thanks natalia. This would be super helpful! I have people on my team in china and I don’t want to bug them while it’s late into the night. I like to schedule my messages and emails when they start their work day. Having that option in asana would be awesome!

Bumping this! Would love to have a scheduling feature in the future! Thanks so much :grinning:

I really need this feature too! Thank you!

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Agreed. Really, really need this feature!

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I vote for this feature

It looks like if you have scheduled send available in whichever email program (I use Outlook) you receive notifications of task comments on, you can reply to the task’s comment via email and schedule the sending of that email for a later point. Would that help?