Schedule backward from "master" date?


Is there a way to schedule tasks for x number of days or weeks prior to a “master” project date (which would in most cases be the end date)? We’ve got a lot of projects with recurring schedules so it would be incredibly helpful for our templates to just have it set so Task A is 10 weeks prior to the master date, Task B is 7 weeks prior, etc.


Hi @Don_Barlett,

I’m developing a tool that does exactly that and I’m looking for beta testers. Would you be interested in trying the solution?

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Great! I would absolutely like to be a part of the beta. Let me know…



That can also be done in and Excel Spreadsheet and have a CSV import, albeit Asana still need to fix the ability to import task description to the best of my knowledge

I know this is a little backwards to what you were saying be day spacing in its formula.