Schedule a call with Asana community manager, Alexis


Dearest Asanas,

I want to talk to you! :smiley:

As I settle into my role as your community manager and the community continues to take its shape, it is important to me that I learn about you, your motivations, how community fits into your use of Asana, and more. The more I learn from you all, the more I can try to shape the community to meet your needs. In addition, I am eager to know if you’re interested in getting more involved in community happenings. There is lots of potential for you to participate in the community and this is a great time for us to start that conversation.

If you’re willing, I would love to spend 20 minutes talking to you on the phone or video (via GoToMeeting). Please visit this link to schedule a time to speak with me. Thank you in advance! :star:

With gratitude,
Your community manager, Alexis