Scan directly to Asana


Hi there,

i would find it quite useful if there is an option or integration which allows you to scan eg. a file directly in an task. i know you can upload from dropbox, onedrive etc.

But is there an possibility where you can put eg a piece of paper in the scanner and then click on an button an the file is automatically assigned to that task?

I hope i could explain it properly.



That would require your scanner software to integrate Asana in my opinion, this is not on Asana’s side.


You could accomplish this with or a similar tool. You would scan to a file in a supported app, say Google Drive, that allows a trigger to be activated based on new (or updated) file, say in a particular folder. Then specify the action–Zapier can create Asana tasks and add attachments to them. (Note: I haven’t tried this personally!)


Hello, thank you very much for your input. We will look further into Zapier.