Say hello to the new Desktop app icon in your menu bar or system tray! 🖥

Hi @SergioFuentealba and @Kevin_Chen2! This feature is currently not available, I will post an update in this thread as soon as we have any news and we start rolling it out again. Apologies for any inconvenience!

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I’m sorry to be mistaken

What do you call the asana menu bar item that shows up next to the time in the menu bar? It shows up only when the asana max desktop app is open.

Hola Emily, te comento que hoy recibí una actualización de Asana versión escritorio y ya tengo el icono en el menú donde por el momento solo puedo ver algunas tareas (no me queda claro cual si y cuales no) lo que si no veo el la asignación de tiempo (Pomodóro). Veo que van avanzando! Gracias.

There needs to be an option to disable this. I don’t need nor want a menubar item for this program at this time. Should must be a simple toggle right?


Hi there Emily. How can we remove it from the menu bar in Mac? It’s annoying I need it gone please. I scanned the settings but cannot find an option to disable it.

Also it’s got a few issues.

  1. It does not work for multiple screens. If I click the Asan icon the menu opens up on another screen (not the screen where I clicked it)
  2. The icons are not intuitive in the menu. There is a checkmark icon, a table / grid icon, and a toggle switch button. Could you perhaps give context on each button when there is a mouse hover over them? I don’t really know what the buttons are supposed to do / represent

But ultimately for me it’s just extra clutter and I feel that there is no need for it on my workstation and need it gone please.


I agree, there is no use for it. I can’t turn it off / remove it.


I emailed support and was told you can’t remove it, and there are no plans right now to allow it. I am very disappointed by this forced clutter.

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Will reinstall the app when there is an option to get rid of this…

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Hi everyone, just a quick note to let you know we have begun to roll out our new Desktop app icon in the menu bar and system tray!

First of all, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us. I’m afraid is currently not possible to turn off this feature. I have gone ahead and sent all your comments and feedback to our Product Team so they can consider it in future updates. Please also feel free to create new threads in our #forum-en:product-feedback category so other users can upvote for your request and share more use cases. Your feedback is really important for us and we would love to learn more!

Let us know if you have any questions!

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I just got this updated, and the menubar window is just a blank. Nothing in it… so that’s useful. Do I need to do something so it’s not blank? I tried restarting the app, installing it fresh. I don’t see a configuration or anything.

Agree with everyone above requesting an option to remove/disable this feature ASAP, especially since it is currently highly glitchy. I, too, am a multiple desktop screen user and clicking on the icon jumps me around my open screens (and the second button doesn’t even seem to do anything). Really disappointed in this update/addition.

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I can’t believe this feature has been added WITHOUT an ability to toggle it on or off. I use the Mac version and I really, really want to remove the menu bar icon. I’m sure lots of users will find it useful, but I absolutely do not.


What is the timeline on giving an option to toggle this?

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Also, my own thread on this that I opened after being told that the menu item was not actually on my screen was manually closed after 3 days. Note that it was labeled as closed automatically after 7 days.

I’d also like to turn this off. Terrible idea to implement without giving users the option to turn it off.


How can I remove the menubar icon?

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Hi everyone :wave:

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us. Our Product team have heard you and are working on the ability to disable the icon. I’ll update this thread as soon as this is possible :slight_smile:


Hi @Rebecca_McGrath also wanted to highlight that the desktop app menu bar icon doesn’t always change when my workspace changes in the desktop app.


Thank you, @pdmcdermott! Passing this onto the Product team.