Saves searches vs. reports. What’s up? - take 2



There was a topic on this already, but its closed for comments know, so here is a follow up on a topic that has been discussed recently after a change in Asana, that I noticed today in my account:

So about that new “Reports” section, that replaced my favorited searches…

There are some things I don’t like about the new Reports section, but hopefully we can do some work to make them better. To provide some context, I use saved searches as handy views. For example, I use them to:

  • lists the most recent items I have updated - so I don’t have to search for and update that Asana task that I know I solved yesterday, but I got a follow up on today, so I need to find it quickly and update it again
  • lists the items where I’m waiting for feedback
  • etc

What I like about the Reports tab is that I can find all my saved searches there.

What I dislike are mainly two things:

  1. I cannot put my “favorite” saved searches next to my favorite projects any more. That breaks my workflow. I want to have quick access to saved searches I use all the time such as the mentioned “recently updated in projects I own”. Now, they are hidden in the Reports section, and I have to scroll do access them. This makes me prefer the old way, before the Reports section. One solution that would work for me would be if I could “favorite” my saved searches that are in the Reports section, just as I can favorite projects, so they would move next to me other favorited projects.
  2. I cannot reorder the saved searches. Instead it seems my last created search is always at the bottom. There’s not an alphabetical sorting enforced either. That leads to a bad UX for me, because I name and position related searches next to each other. Also, to access the search I just saved, I have to scroll to the bottom of the list. Here I would like if I could either reorder the report list manually, or if at least an alphabetical sorting was imposed (so I can control the order that way). Edit: I think this is a bug. I can sometimes drag and reorder the item, but it seldom works. And there is no guides when I do it. Reproduced on latest Chrome 61, Win10.


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