Saved Search Calendar View is blank!



Hi, friends!

Is anyone having trouble with saved search calendar views? Mine have gone blank! If you take a look at the two screenshots below, the list shows plenty of tasks with dates, but the calendar is blank. This is a saved search my entire team has (our team deadline calendar, essentially) and I seem to be the only one having trouble. We’ve checked to make sure the settings are exactly the same, and those are below as well. This also used to work! :slight_smile:

I’ve cleared my browsing history and checked that this is also happening in incognito mode. This is also happening across multiple browsers (chrome, edge).

List View

Calendar View



Hmm, strange issue. You’ve already done the obvious quick checks as to browsers, history etc. I often do a restart of the whole computer as well. Any chance you have scrolled to wrong year? (I can’t read the date on your example.) Other than that, might be a bug and you’d need to use contact Support.
Access Select “I’m having trouble with” Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “Let’s chat”


HI @Laura_Johnson :wave:t3: I’m having trouble opening the screenshot with your calendar view, but it seems to look a bit different and since you’re the only one coming across this issue it leads me to think that it could be directly linked to your browser. As @Stephanie_Oberg mentioned, I’d recommend trying to log from an incognito window + another browser.

Keep us posted ! :slight_smile:


Tried Incognito windows - still happening! Reaching out to Support now!


Hmm interesting… keep us posted @Laura_Johnson :slight_smile: